Conrad-Jakob Schiffner


Conrad-Jakob Schiffner holds a M.ed. in Classical Philology. In 2013 he has begun his medical studies at Magdeburg (Germany). His B.A. thesis centered on the interactions between ancient Stoicism and the ancient philosopher Plotinus with regard to their psychology and their reception in the early modern age.

From the beginning of his studies his major field of interest has been the reception of classical texts by later authors like the Church fathers, medieval and Renaissance philosophers and others, especially in the light of the modern natural sciences. In 2009 and again in 2012 he worked as a student assistant for the DFG-project „Edition des Genesiskommentars aus der sog. Oktateuchkatene des Prokop von Gaza“ (Edition of the Genesis commentary from the Oktateuchcatena of the Prokop of Gaza), and from 2010 to 2012 for the project „SFB 644, Körper und Heil: Transformationen des Umgangs mit dem Körper“ (Body and Wellbeing: Transformations in the ways of dealing with the body) of the Extracurricular research project 644 led by Christoph Markschies. In 2009 he worked for Johannes Helmrath on Ptolemy and Strabo and the reception of their geographical works from the Middle Ages until the modern age (Excellence Cluster TOPOI). Since August 2012 he has worked with Volker Hess, partaking in the project „Ways Of Writing“ (ERC) as a student assistant.

The translations of Latin and Greek passages are being made facilitate working with the texts.
His master’s thesis deals with the role of hippocratic aphorismen in studying medicine in Montpellier, 18th century.

Editorial Collaboration
  • Markschies, Christoph / Schröter, Jens: Antike christliche Apokryphen in deutscher Übersetzung, 2 Bände, Tübingen 2012
  • Hess, Volker / Mendelsohn, Andrew: Fallgeschichte, Historia, Klassifikation. François Boissier de Sauvages bei der Schreibarbeit. N.T.M. 21 (2013), 61-92