Ruth Schilling
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Ruth Schilling focusses on the political culture of early modern cities and monarchies.
One of her current research interests lies in the royal body as a tool for communicating different social and political concepts, another in the figure of the town physician as a mean to study the relationship between political, cultural and scientific spheres.
Being convinced that early modern history needs to be thought in European and global terms she has worked on political and religious aspects of the French and Danish Monarchy in the seventeenth century (Säkularisierungen in der Frühen Neuzeit. Methodische Probleme und empirische Fallstudien, 2008 in collaboration with Matthias Pohlig, Ute Lotz-Heumann, Vera Isaiasz, Heike Bock and Stefan Ehrenpreis) and on ceremonial representation in Venice and the Hanseatic Cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Lubeck (Stadtrepublik und Selbstbehauptung. Venedig, Bremen, Hamburg und Lübeck im 16.-17. Jahrhundert, 2012). In collaboration with specialists on medieval, byzantine, Islamic and Indian monarchies she is currently preparing a volume on transcultural perspectives on pre-modern monarchical rules. As a member of the Collaborative Research Center “Representations of Social Order in change” (SFB “Repräsentationen sozialer Ordnung im Wandel”) (based at the Humboldt-University of Berlin) she has also worked in interdisciplinary research groups on the categories of travel and space (Die Ankunft des Anderen. Repräsentationen sozialer und politischer Ordnungen in Empfangszeremonien, in collaboration with Susann Baller, Michael Pesek und Ines Stolpe, 2008).

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Volker Hess she has been studying the medical journal of Johann Friedrich Glaser, exectutioner’s son and town physician in Suhl, a town in the south of today Thuringia, then electoral Saxony. A book about him and his medical practice is in preparation. He will also be part of an exhibition project an medical practice from the 17th-19th century, which will be opened in october 2013 in the Museum of Medical History (Charité Berlin).