Tricia Close-Koenig

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After an MSc in astronomy and astrophysics at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada and an MA in the history of science with a dissertation on the history of dark matter, Tricia Close-Koenig completed a PhD in the history and epistemology of science and medicine at the Université de Strasbourg. She defended her thesis “Betwixt and Between. Production and commodification of knowledge in a medical school pathological anatomy laboratory in Strasbourg” in 2011. In this work, the emergence of medical lab analyses as medical and economic entities within a theoretical framework of knowledge-based economies is achieved with a case study of Strasbourg’s medical school Institut d’Anatomie Pathologique laboratories in the interwar period and is intersected with a long durée historical analysis of material circulation, collection, and practices in pathological anatomy.
In 2011 and 2012, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher on the DFG-ANR project “From advertisement to marketing. Pharmaceutical enterprises, patients, physicians and the construction of medical markets” with a study of advertisements and marketing of insulin and antidiabetics in France. She has been the project manager for the INTERREG project “Projections du Rhin Supérieur, Rh(e)inFilm” from mid-2012.

In January 2013, she joined the Ways of Writing project as a post-doctoral researcher. Her project has involved returning to the archival sources of her PhD in order to explore the writing and archiving practices of pathological anatomy and histo-pathology laboratories.